I grew up surrounded by rural farmland and forests and spent countless hours romping through them. Spending so much time outside immersed in nature I developed a very deep connection to it and appreciation of all the beautiful things there are in this world.

There is a rhythm to it that helps us to feel at peace.

If you’ve ever spent time outside hiking through the woods, listening to the sounds of the birds and the wind through the trees or sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in and listening to the sound as they crash on the shoreline, you know how it can take the stresses of the day away. It can clear our minds, calm our souls and bring us a sense of peace.

There is such beauty in the world around us and we have a special need to have it in our lives. Especially in the fast-paced world in which we live, these things are often missed.

In my paintings, I’m able to put the things I see and the special feelings of the place onto the canvas. Whether it’s a broader landscape painting or a closeup of an individual flower, the beauty comes through.

My paintings share the calming influence that nature provides allowing you to bring a piece of it into your home.

I have a BFA ’79 (Bachelor of Fine Art) from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. I have since taken classes both in person and online to further improve my skills. I have been in many shows over the years and my paintings are in numerous private collections. I work out of my home studio in the countryside of Maryland's eastern shore.

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